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Member Spotlight - Faith Ann Morrell

19 Jan 2019 9:43 AM | Deleted user


How long have you been doing triathlons?

17 years in Aug

What is your favorite distance?


What is your favorite race to date?

The Utah half I did in 2014 on my B-day where I have PR. 

Why do you tri?

I like the sense of accomplishment when I finish a race.

What's your favorite - swim bike or run?


What's your A race this year?

Ironman NZ

What do you do when you're not training?

I like to read and travel.

What skill or experience would no one guess you have?

I rode a calf in a rodeo, was bucked off and the calf stepped on me when I was a kid.

Speed Round:

Race Preference:  Small and Local or Big and National?

Small and Local

Gu's, drink mix, or real food?

My favorite gu is the Clif Chocolate

Coffee, beer, or wine?



First Ironman with Parents

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