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Our club Board of Directors are elected and serve for a 2-year term.


Heather Heumann

Heather grew up in Virginia and was very active playing tons of sports to include soccer, cross country, and track. She moved to Colorado in 1999 and has been active in the running community, running 3 marathons, countless half marathons, and every other race distance.

Heather stumbled into her journey to triathlons when a friend asked if she wanted to do Ironman Arizona 70.3 in 2022. She was excited and scared at the same time and said yes to the training commitment. She has been a runner her whole life, a casual biker, but has always had an irrational fear of open water, despite growing up going to east coast beaches like Coloradans love going to the mountains to ski. She trained all that summer, learned to swim, and had a great race. After that 70.3, Heather was hooked on the triathlon life and knew she wanted to train harder and push her limits. She was considering joining a club when she met Leslie who told her about AMC's coached pool swims every weekend. She went to check it out and never looked back because she saw the value of winter pool swims and the summer open water swims at Chatfield's gravel pond. She needs the consistency and accountability of training with other like minded individuals and enjoys the comradery of the AMC members. Triathlon training is completely different than just running races, so having the resources of the club is amazing. With her fellow club members, she accomplished her goal of riding 100 miles at the Denver Century Ride in the summer of 2023. She looks forward to another fun year with the club full of adventures, smiles, and lots of miles

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Coaching Director

Deb Armstrong

A competitive swimmer growing up and age group swimming coach in 1982, Deb watched Julie Moss famous crawl across the Ironman finish line thinking “I could never!” In 2011 an Irongirl was scheduled in her hometown and Deb immediately registered. When she crossed that finished line she knew she was hooked and jumped right to an Olympic distance and then a 70.3. Deb took a break for several years focusing on my professional fundraising career and family obligations. It was a cancer diagnosis in November of 2017 that brought her back to the importance of living a healthier lifestyle and decision to become a triathlon coach. Deb is a certified Level 1 USAT, Ironman and Masters’ Swim Coach. In addition to coaching for the tri-club, she coaches individuals with a focus on beginners and cancer survivors interested in increasing health and fitness to accomplish their physical goals. Deb is a multiple 70.3 and marathon finisher. She believes that triathlon can help anyone realize that “impossible is temporary.”

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Beth Nixon

Beth grew up in Michigan, the youngest of 5 kids. She was always active in school sports, playing volleyball, softball and basketball. Her brothers were both competitive swimmers, but horses were more her “thing”. Also, she hated running - so the thought of triathlon never even crossed her mind. Beth moved to Colorado after finishing graduate school. Her life changed in August 2014 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had started working with a trainer a few months before, and continued to work with him throughout months of chemo and radiation treatments. Some days sucked, no lie, but training was the only thing that made her feel close to “normal”. As Beth neared the end of her treatments, her trainer encouraged her to try out a bike race. Never mind that she didn’t own a bike at the time…it sounded like a fun challenge. One race and she was hooked. When he suggested she try a triathlon, Beth thought he was crazy, but what the heck? She did her first sprint triathlon in August 2015 – one year after her diagnosis – take THAT, cancer!

Since then it’s become one of Beth’s passions – she participates in numerous sprint and Olympic distance triathlons each summer (and aquabikes, because she still hates running!), and in 2019 she finished her first Ironman 70.3 in her home state of Michigan. Beth started triathlon for the challenge. She’s stayed with it because the triathlete community is made up of amazing and supportive people. What Beth finds most rewarding is having an opportunity to bring new people into the world of triathlon – people who didn’t think they could ever do “something like that”. Beth was one of those people herself, and she knows that if you set your mind to it, “Anything is Possible”.

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Tatiana Morrell

Tatiana grew up mostly in Colorado since the age of nine. She never played any sports other than doing gymnastics as a kid.  As a formerly obese adult, she never thought she would run a mile let alone do triathlon.  She discovered the sport after the birth of her second daughter and became hooked on the sport.

Tatiana is an avid triathlete who has been in the sport since 2009.  She is comfortable with her mediocrity in the sport and has completed three full Ironman, nine half Ironman (including a pity slot at the 2021 70.3 World Championship) and countless other races.   Tatiana joined AMC in 2016 before her first Ironman and has served on the board on and off since then.  She loves the triathlon community and when she isn't racing, she is rooting for her friends and teammates.  Tatiana lives in Aurora with her husband, two daughters, two dogs and cat.

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Membership Director

Gina Fielding

Gina grew up outside of Philadelphia, but has been in Denver for 13 years and has always been involved in sports and outdoor activities throughout my life. After years of participation in casual 5k and 10k races, in 2019 Gina decided it was time for a new challenge and signed up for her first sprint triathlon. Recognizing that she'd never previously had any formal swim training, she joined a beginner triathlon training group and found AMC to help me achieve my goals. 

Despite being convinced that she would never get out of the water and taking 32 minutes to complete the swim in Boulder reservoir at the Colorado Tri, Gina ended up growing to love it and completed four sprint triathlons that season. What Gina enjoys most about AMC is the community and she can be found training casually and enjoying the outdoors with my dog, Dizzy (who also attends the occasional group run activity).

Gina can be contacted at

Sponsorship Director

Daniel Paxton

Daniel is a Colorado native and has also lived in Rhode Island and California. 

After growing up playing multiple sports, Daniel always found himself to be an active individual.  After finishing his 4th half-marathon in 2021, Daniel wanted to attack something that has always been in the back of his mind, a full Ironman,  and set the goal to complete his first Ironman in 2024 at Ironman Lake Placid. Daniel joined AMC at the beginning of 2022 to help guide him during his journey to meet this goal. The community that makes up AMC welcomed Daniel with open arms and helped guide him on his journey to finish his first sprint and olympic triathlons during the summer of 2022. Continuing on his journey to Ironman, Daniel completed two Ironman 70.3 races in 2023. 

In addition to Triathlon, Daniel is a Registered Yoga Instructor and teaches a weekly Vinyasa class in Parker. Daniel finds that he really enjoys the power of community, whether it comes from the Yoga studio or the members of AMC. 

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Member at Large

Leslie Beahm

Leslie is a military spouse (retired) who moved to Colorado in 2014, a mother of two almost-grown boys, and an electrical engineer who does power distribution, systems, and lighting design for buildings. 

Leslie has been competing in triathlon since 2017, when she found a flier for a beginner triathlon group at her local Rec Center. AT that time, she couldn't run two times around the indoor track without needing to stop for a breath (2/11 of a mile!). She has now completed a handful of half-Ironman races and a full Ironman. Leslie was previously the AMC Coaching Director and has graciously agreed to stay on as a Member at Large

Member at Large

Jeff Lingle

Jeff grew up in Long Beach, CA and spent most of his childhood shooting hoops, surfing and doing tricks on his BMX bike. Although an active kid, Jeff fell into some sedentary habits for a few decades as an adult working in IT.  In 2009, he found himself in a spot where his personal life and health were a wreck and he signed up for the Long Beach Marathon as a way to cope with stress and try to become healthier.  He discovered a passion for running while training for the Long Beach marathon.  With some encouragement from his wife, Jenny, and a college buddy, he signed up for his first triathlon in 2014 and completed the Olympic distance Morro Bay Rock the Tri race using a rented wetsuit and a borrowed bike and battling a crazy riptide on the swim!  Even still, he was hooked! Since then, he has developed a passion for integrating exercise and nutrition into his daily routine. He is an avid swimmer and bike commuter to work. He loves doing open-water swims, triathlons of all distances, and getting friends together to go for a “big ride”!! Marathon swimming and triathlon training has been transformative and has brought him some of his closest friends. In addition to triathlons, Jeff is passionate about making the world a better place through exercise, eating tacos with friends, and enjoying a great cup of coffee.

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