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Our club Board of Directors are elected and serve for a 2-year term.


Tatiana Morrell

Tatiana was formerly obese in her twenties and didn't discover triathlon until her personal trainer dared her to sign up for her first triathlon four months after the birth of her youngest child.  She didn't know how to swim, hated running and could only bike.  It seemed like a terrible idea so of course she signed up!  She did her first race and was hooked.  Since then Tatiana has gone one to race all distances and completed her first Ironman in 2016 and second in 2018.  She has even qualified for USAT Age Group Nationals twice although she doesn't know how as she is still a terrible swimmer.

Tatiana manages to balance the demands of a demanding job, marriage and motherhood along with triathlon.  She is also actively involved in dog rescue.  Tatiana has even inspired her brother to get into triathlon and lose 40 lbs.  She loves to talk to anyone about how to achieve their dreams and balance the demands of family, work and triathlon.

Tatiana can be contacted at

Membership Director

Mila Griffin

I grew up in Europe and competed in Track and Field from a very young age all the way through high school. I continue running through my adult life but did not discover triathlon until 4 yrs. ago when my best friend did her first Ironman. I was so moved by the experience that decided to give it a try. I was always very active and outdoorsy, I knew how to bike and swim (or so I thought) so I hired a coach and did my very first Sprint triathlon Tribella at Cherry Creek in 2017. It was a love from first sight, and I was hooked. Since, I completed my first Ironman Boulder in 2019 and have done numerous 70.3 and shorter distance triathlons. Other than triathlons, I am a busy working mom of two young ladies, who are even more competitive than me and am I am married to Tony who completed the Ironman Boulder with me last year just so I have a training partner. We love skiing and traveling as a family and can’t wait for our next adventure..

Mila can be contacted at

Coaching Director

Mary Carey

As an athlete, Mary has completed the Ultra520K Canada triathlon, five Ironman races, 16 half Ironman races, a 50k trail race,13 marathons, and too many shorter triathlons and road races to count.  Mary began her coaching career in 2000 as a marathon and triathlon coach for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program (TNT), the world’s largest and most successful endurance-training program.  She has coached dozens of athletes to marathon and half-marathon completion and hundreds of athletes to triathlon finishes.   In October 2004, Mary became a USA Triathlon Certified Coach (Level I).  She is also an Ironman Certified Coach and Slowtwitch Master Coach having completed the Swim Coach, Cycling Coach and Run Coach certifications.  Mary is a swim coach at SwimLabs.  She is married and has two girls who are active in soccer.

Mary’s personal clients strive to achieve personal bests in half marathons and marathons as well as triathlons of all distances – from sprint to Ironman.  Specializing in beginner and intermediate athletes, her goal is to help people realize their fitness dreams through endurance sports – completing a marathon, completing a triathlon, or just adopting a healthier lifestyle.  She also enjoys helping seasoned athletes achieve personal bests or complete longer distances.

As a personal coach, Mary’s philosophy is that running and triathlon are exciting ways to achieve goals, build self-confidence, stay active and fit, have fun and meet great people.   Whether her clients are first-timers or athletes striving for personal bests, Mary can provide the framework for success.

Contact Mary at


Sponsorship Director

Jeff Lingle

Jeff grew up in Long Beach, CA and spent most of his childhood shooting hoops, surfing and doing tricks on his BMX bike. Although an active kid, Jeff fell into some sedentary habits for a few decades as an adult working in IT.  In 2009, he found himself in a spot where his personal life and health were a wreck and he signed up for the Long Beach Marathon as a way to cope with stress and try to become healthier.  He discovered a passion for running while training for the Long Beach marathon.  With some encouragement from his wife, Jenny, and a college buddy, he signed up for his first triathlon in 2014 and completed the Olympic distance Morro Bay Rock the Tri race using a rented wetsuit and a borrowed bike and battling a crazy riptide on the swim!  Even still, he was hooked! Since then, he has developed a passion for integrating exercise and nutrition into his daily routine. He is an avid swimmer and bike commuter to downtown Denver. He loves doing open-water swims, triathlons of all distances, and getting friends together to go for a “big ride”!! Marathon and triathlon training has been transformative and has brought him some of his closest friends. In addition to triathlons, Jeff is passionate about making the world a better place through exercise, eating tacos with friends, and enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Contact Jeff at 



Beth Nixon

Beth grew up in Michigan, the youngest of 5 kids. She was always active in school sports, playing volleyball, softball and basketball. Her brothers were both competitive swimmers, but horses were more her “thing”. Also, she hated running - so the thought of triathlon never even crossed her mind. Beth moved to Colorado after finishing graduate school. Her life changed in August 2014 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had started working with a trainer a few months before, and continued to work with him throughout months of chemo and radiation treatments. Some days sucked, no lie, but training was the only thing that made her feel close to “normal”. As Beth neared the end of her treatments, her trainer encouraged her to try out a bike race. Never mind that she didn’t own a bike at the time…it sounded like a fun challenge. One race and she was hooked. When he suggested she try a triathlon, Beth thought he was crazy, but what the heck? She did her first sprint triathlon in August 2015 – one year after her diagnosis – take THAT, cancer!

Since then it’s become one of Beth’s passions – she participates in numerous sprint and Olympic distance triathlons each summer (and aquabikes, because she still hates running!), and in 2019 she finished her first Ironman 70.3 in her home state of Michigan. Beth started triathlon for the challenge. She’s stayed with it because the triathlete community is made up of amazing and supportive people. What Beth finds most rewarding is having an opportunity to bring new people into the world of triathlon – people who didn’t think they could ever do “something like that”. Beth was one of those people herself, and she knows that if you set your mind to it, “Anything is Possible”.

.Contact Beth at


Brent Safer

Brent did the couch to 5k in 2016 after spending the first 50 years of his life at a computer and no exercise while growing up in LA.  Six months later he did a marathon as just following one plan to another.  And 6 months after that he did his first Ironman triathlon in 2017.  He has now caught something (and sometimes wishes he could cure it), that makes him want to continue to stay in shape and challenge himself.

He continues to work as a software engineer creating apps, and an inventor designing new products and manufacturing.  He is married to Kathy and has four children and three grandchildren.  His belief for everyone is that body and God willing, believe in yourself and you can achieve most anything.

Member At Large

Tony Griffin

Tony is a pseudo-triathlete, who doesn’t enjoy the water as much he used to.  He satisfies his competitive streak by living vicariously through his wife and kids’ activities, and the occasional duathlon, road race, and triathlon.  

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