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Member Spotlight - Lena Aldrich

31 Jan 2017 12:04 PM | Anonymous member


How long have you been doing triathlon? I did my first triathlon in 2009 at the age of 60. It was Tri for the Cure, a Sprint. I had to learn to swim in order to do it. I did know how to keep from drowning, but not actually to swim, as it was I doggie paddled a lot of the race with my head above water. Flat pedals on my bike. It was a fun introduction. I waited a year and did the same race the following year.

What is your favorite distance? I think my favorite distance is the Olympic, but the 70.3 is a close contender.  

What is your favorite race to date? My favorite race so far, is the Honu 70.3 in Kona, Hawaii, 2016. I did this race for the first time in 2013 and missed the cutoff by 3 minutes. My first DNF. I was devastated. I signed up again in 2014 but could not compete due to a stress fracture in my heel. 2015 saw a bike accident when I hit a pothole and flew off the bike breaking and fracturing 7 ribs. That brought me to 2016. I wanted my 3 minutes back. I think I got about 40 minutes back and finished in 2nd place. The award was the same bowl given at the Ironman World Championships. I had a hard time trying to keep from crying at the awards ceremony.

Why do you tri? I think I tri because it is an addiction. One race leads to another. I finish a race and decide I am not going to do that distance again and before I know it I have signed up for another race. Racing has become part of my life. I love it.

What's your favorite - swim bike or run? I have to say the bike is my favorite discipline.

What's your A race this year? My A race next year is not my longest. I will be doing Buffalo Springs 70.3, but I feel my A race is the USAT National Championships in August. Last year I finished 13th in the Olympic Distance and qualified for the USAT World Championships, but did not podium, top 10 podium. I would like to podium this year. It's a long shot, but we all have to have dream.

What do you do when you're not training? Off season, I take off. I usually set up my races so my season runs almost all year. I am pretty burned out by the time I do my last race. Last year my first race was in June and my last race was IMAZ. I trained almost all year.

What skill or experience would no one guess you have? I was a medical lab technician in the Air Force, chemistry was my specialty. I also have a degree in tailoring

Speed Round!

Race Preference: Small and Local or Big and National? Big races. I love the buzz.

Gels, blocks, or real food? I prefer liquid race nutrition with a little real food thrown in to keep from getting bored.

Coffee, beer, or wine? That's easy, ALL OF THE ABOVE, just no soda.

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