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Member Spotlight - Chris Siguenza

18 Apr 2017 4:31 PM | Anonymous member

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How long have you been doing triathlons?

I've been doing tris since 2008. However, I did take a hiatus from 2013-2015 and got back into it in 2016.

What is your favorite distance?

I think I enjoy sprints and olympics the most. You're done within a couple/few hours and can have the rest of your day.

What is your favorite race to date?

I think my favorite race to date is the Loveland Lake to Lake race. It's well organized and a beautiful challenge. I first races it when I was living in Iowa and it helped draw me to Colorado.

Why do you tri?

I first started tris because an old buddy of mine was in the tri club at Iowa State. I figured if he could do it, so can I. 

What's your favorite - swim bike or run?

I think my answer used to be the bike. However, now that I've become a somewhat proficient swimmer I'm leaning towards the swim. 

What's your A race this year?

I suppose steamboat oly is my A, but I'm just getting myself back into the sport, so not really putting too much pressure on myself.

What do you do when you're not training?

When I'm not training I'm teaching  (middle school science), coaching (HS cross country and track, and ms basketball) or playing cello in a couple of different groups.

What skill or experience would no one guess you have?

I guess the cello playing I previously discussed would be a skill no one would have guessed I possessed.

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Speed Round:

Race Preference:  Small and Local or Big and National?

I prefer small, local races.

Gu's, drink mix, or real food?

I use whatever nutrition a race provides, for longer races , but like to stick to "real" food for training.

Coffee, beer, or wine?

I drink at least a half a pot worth of coffee a day. Will have the occasional beer after a long day or to refresh after a good workout.  And will often accept a wine offering when the time suits it. 

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