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Member Spotlight - Bryan Upcraft

19 Feb 2020 9:35 AM | Deleted user

How long have you been doing triathlons?

My first triathlon was in June of 2019, but I started training in Sept of 2018. I went from zero to Ironman AZ in 14 months

What is your favorite distance?

For fun, I would say 70.3, but for feeling of accomplishment I would say 140.6 

What is your favorite race to date?

Ironman 70.3 Traverse City. I started biking when I lived there in 2012. It was great to go back and see so many friends during the race. The water was crystal clear and it was my first real feeling of "I can do this" 

Why do you tri?

I started by wanting to eat better and exercise more when I turned 50 this past December. Then I had this wild idea to do an Ironman to force me to create good habits. 

What's your favorite - swim bike or run?

I'd have to say the bike since I have been cycling the longest. Its definitely not the run and I couldn't swim 2 years ago. 

What's your A race this year?

Ironman Mont Tremblant 140.6 on August 23rd

What do you do when you're not training?

Does that really exist?  I usually travel to see my grandkids and other countries when I can. 

How do you balance triathlon and family?

My son is grown, lives out of state and I work from home. My schedule is very flexible. 

What advice would you give to someone just starting the sport?  

Don't swing for the fences right away. Trust the process of building slowly, It's very possible to achieve great things no matter your situation. Set a lofty goal and the AMC support will keep you going. 

What skill or experience would no one guess you have?

I have a Hotel and Restaurant degree and was a teaching assistant for a cooking class back in the day. 

Race Preference:  Small and Local or Big and National?

Big and National for the pure energy that sweeps you up whether you are racing or not. 

Gu's, drink mix, or real food?

Since I don't do caffeine and very little sugar, I had to really work on this one. I do a mix of custom Infinit in my bottles, Hammer Gel for the run and Skratch bars on the bike. I also throw in a Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich at each transition. 

Coffee, beer, or wine?

I dont drink caffeine, so its Decaf coffee for sure. And since I started training, my alcohol consumption has gone way down. But I would say beer over wine. 

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